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The summary in English is a task required both in middle school and high school, and it is useful to know how to do it even at the university, as it could be used in the preparation of an exam or for the preparation of the Thesis. In fact, it is taught to compose a summary in English from middle school, where the primary objective is to understand the meaning of a passage in the language, and therefore to be able to extract the main information.

This also applies to high schools, where the synthesis in English also serves to facilitate the study of English literature. Finally, it is useful to know how to do a summary in English also at the university, since it could be used for some examinations, and above all it is required in the drafting of many university theses. Let’s find out how to proceed step by step and how to carry out this type of summary in a simple and correct way.

How to make a summary in English. Let’s read the passage. If we have to summarize a passage in English, it is necessary first of all to read it to understand its meaning, and to try to understand which are the main information to be inserted later in the summary in English. We then pay attention to the terms we do not know: let’s search for them in the vocabulary, otherwise we might not correctly interpret the meaning of the text!

Summary in English. We divide the song into sequences. At this point, we divide the piece into conceptual sequences, and from each sequence we get the fulcrum, the main information.

Summary in English. We write a summary in English. For convenience and especially if we are not very experienced, we first write the summary in different languages, making sure to include everything we need and to eliminate the superfluous.

How to make a summary. We translate into English. At this point let’s move on to the summary in English! We translate the summary, using the vocabulary and choosing well the terms to be used. We pay attention to the use of verb tenses, plural and singular names, adjectives and the correct transcription of terms.

We reread and arrange the summary in English. The summary in English is almost ready: we just have to reread what we have written, fix some period and re-check some terms if we have any doubts. Once everything is resolved, we copy it in good copy and, if it is a task in class, we can deliver.


We have said that often the degree thesis must be accompanied by a summary in English. The procedure is the one we described in the previous points, the only difference is that it starts directly from a fairly consistent text. So, let’s act like this:

We read the Thesis and for each chapter we focus on the main concepts

Let’s proceed with a summary in English, taking care to insert a brief introduction, a brief exposition of each text and a brief conclusion

We translate the summary into English.