The summer holidays are beautiful, and despite the days spent at the beach and with friends there is always a little thought that occasionally resurfaces in the mind: the tasks for the holidays! Many of you will still be postponing from day to day, week to week … but time is short, especially if the teacher has assigned us to read and summarize some books! Summarizing a book is not easy, as you need to have read the text, have understood the plot and memorized characters, places and main events. Let’s find out then in this post how to make a book summary and how to use summary and book sheets ready to improve the content.

1. How to make a summary: Reading the book. Before going on to the book summary it is necessary to read the books that have been assigned to us: surely on the web we will find summaries, plots, book cards, but it will never be the same thing, and it is possible that the teacher asks us for details that only those who read the text can remember! Furthermore, a book can be read anywhere, there is no need to go to the desk: on the beach, in the garden, on the bed, on the sofa … any comfortable place will be fine, so it will also be a pleasant moment of relaxation. We try to read a few pages a day, being attentive to all the details that may be useful, we name the most important names and events and maybe even some quotations that might seem useful again.

2. Summary of the book. Once we have finished reading the book, we move on to the summary: let us try not to let too many days pass, otherwise we risk not remembering the plot well and forgetting some fundamental passages.

So, here are all the steps to take to write the perfect book summaries:

Write down everything we remember: let’s try to write a draft of what the plot could be.

Author’s biography: let’s not forget to introduce the summary of the book with a short biography of the author, which we will find in the book itself, in a school book or on the web.

Consult summaries on the web: then we look on the web for the plot of the book we read, in order to integrate what we have written (here you will find hundreds of books). Attention: let’s not copy the summary we found on the Internet, but let’s use it to improve and integrate ours.

We analyze characters, times and spaces: starting from the protagonist, we analyze all the characters, both physically and psychologically, specifying which role they play in the story. We then describe the places and specify in which historical period the story is set.

Personal comment: we conclude everything with a personal commentary, describing the scenes that most impressed us and the characters that we liked the most, adding also the general impressions on the whole book read.

Let’s check the form: let’s re-read the text to correct any grammatical errors and let’s see that we have written clearly and fluently.