Among the immense tasks for the holidays or for home, always check a few books to read, kindly assigned by the teacher … But this is not enough, as you well know! In fact, at the end of the reading, it is necessary to summarize the book read and present it to the teacher, who will evaluate the work done and put a grade. Not everyone, however, manages to summarize a book: some focus on details that are not needed, others remember little and badly, others still report the events in a disorderly and confused way. So how can we do? We at StudentVille have come up with a complete solution for all of you: in this post you will find a detailed guide on how to summarize a book and more!


Before giving you the complete list of book summaries from which to take inspiration, it is good to specify how to make a book summary. First of all remember that every written essay must have an introduction, otherwise the reader does not know what you are talking about! So make a nice introduction where you write the title of the book, when it was published and the author, perhaps even putting in some autobiographical reference. Then move on to the plot, which will have to synthesize the important events according to a logical and chronological thread. Briefly comment on characters, situations and themes and finally conclude briefly.

In addition, our company works among the tasks to be performed there is also the reading of books by foreign authors. What is it for? It serves not only to make a comparison between foreign literature, but also to have an overview of a historical-literary period. Furthermore, books by foreign authors are also assigned by professors of English or other foreign languages, so that students better understand the author studied in class. If then you have to summarize Delitto e Castigo, Pride and Prejudice, Oliver Twist or other works by foreign authors, here is the list of summaries for you.


Have you ever read The Odyssey? If you still don’t know the adventures of Ulysses, Greek hero back from the Trojan war, here is a book-by-book summary for you to study the Homeric poem.

Summary Odyssey


If to give you a hard time, however, is the Aeneid, then you just have to rely on our book summary by book that will help you follow the plot without problems.